About us

Rayshree Ayurveda is an institution where medical treatement is done for human welfare it is done by the directing of neuro & spine specialist doctor Manish Yadav

Dr. Manish Yadav is very good Neuro specialist physician. He studied B.A.M.S. from Barkatullah vishwa vidyalaya, Bhopal, P.G.D.E.M.S form England University, certificate in neuro from Kota, Rajsthan, Certificate in panchkarma dhule, Maharashtra, M.D(SCO) from Kanpur University etc.

Rayshree Ayurveda Neuro spine clinic is the first neuro spine clinic in U.P. where Cervical Spondylitis, dis bulge, slip disc, Sciatica etc. chronic disease have been treated by Dr. MAnish Yadav "without injection & without any operation." The treatement given here is Ayurvedic which does not cause any harm to the patient and the patient can spend his life in normal way after taking this treatement. The name of this treatement is Neurotherapy.

About us
Neurotherepy is such a technique who balances the body's imbalance, also to correct spine disorder or joints disorders is the fatest and right treatement in the world. This technique is "PANACEA"for patients suffering from lower 'back, Ankylosing, spyndolytis, cervical spondylitis etc.' with this disease completely recovering. The patient live his life in natural way.

Rayshree Ayurveda, ayurveda spine clinic is founded by specialist in neuro physician Dr. Manish Yadav Rayshree Ayurveda spine clinic is the first spine and panchkarma centre in U.P. Dr. Manish Yadav learned the different traditional techniques and therapies. Dr. Manish Yadav is known for his simplicity and easy language of ayurveda which is good to alla patients. We treat our patients by Neurotherapy.

Ayurvedic treatement is the most effective and safe way of treating diseases that causes great concern to the patient. Ayurvedic medecines are from herbs and other natural products they act bio friendly to the body and do not cause any type of negative side effects.

Pulse diagnosis is the ancient art and science of detecting the existing status of person's body, mind, soul, spirit, naadi or pulse is that vital flow of energy and enables tha vaidya to feel the heart. This helps an experienced Ayurvedic doctor to diagnose or treat various diseases.